nFORM for Third-Party Administrators


The competition among TPAs continues to be very aggressive. TPAs must manage employer health plan programs and demonstrate they have the same management capabilities as other TPAs and Carriers. Developing a robust health information technology infrastructure is critical in validating a TPA's ability to drive down costs and improve quality of care to retain and grow their client base.

A health information technology infrastructure involves bringing together necessary data from multiple sources to effectively and efficiently manage care. Effective health management requires timely access to relevant data sets, including inpatient claims, pharmacy, laboratory, ancillary, outpatient, demographic, and membership data.

nFORM's data-driven environment provides instant access and drill down ability to claims detail. Its multi-dimensional analytics enables a TPA to "slice and dice" information, providing unprecedented root cause analysis by individual group plan. It helps a TPA to:

  • Focus resources where they are most needed.
  • Advance their organization from data gatherers to performance managers.
  • Shift from costly spreadsheets that are "moments in time" to online adaptive views.

Online Collaborative Environment

Building a collaborative environment is more critical than ever in today's healthcare world. With nFORM a TPA will have the ability to foster cross-departmental teamwork to proactively communicate with colleagues on intelligence, opportunities, or issues. Resolutions of team collaborations are saved to be able to refer to the situation later and for auditing.

nFORM offers a web-based software-as-a-service delivery model which substantially reduces the up front capital investment in technology infrastructure needed to drive down cost and improve quality of care.

nFORM offers a TPA the ability to allow each client access to their own data, reports, and tools for on-going plan management and issue resolution in a web based secure environment.

Advance your business.

To compete in today's marketplace, TPAs need to leverage their information resources to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Learn how nFORM can give you quick and powerful control of your information assets by attending our next webinar or one of our seminars at a location near you.