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Many hospital systems are looking for solutions to manage their own employee benefits healthcare costs. Employers that are also hospitals are in a unique position to manage their costs by implementing plan design incentives to encourage plan participants to use their own hospital services. Hospitals as a plan sponsor have the ability to control their own charges and collaborate with physicians employed by the hospital.

With healthcare reform, many hospital systems are restructuring their organizations into an Accountable Care Organization (ACO). This involves bringing together providers and rewarding them for controlling costs and improving quality. Developing a robust health information technology infrastructure is critical for any hospital trying to achieve high performance, manage their own employee benefits plan, or restructure their organization into an ACO.

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The alignment of hospital and physician organizations has become an integral part of the healthcare in the United States. Health systems have been acquiring physician practices at an unprecedented rate in the last three years, with more than 60% of physician practices now owned or tightly affiliated with hospital organizations. With the advent of ACOs and healthcare reform initiatives, it is increasingly clear that physicians, hospitals, payers and employers will all benefit when information is shared in a format that is assessable to all parties and allows integrated analysis across the entire healthcare value chain. With a renewed focus on cost reduction and quality measurement across the entire U.S. healthcare system, the need for improved collaboration between hospitals and physicians has become more important than ever before.

As ACOs are implemented across the country, it is expected that health insurance benefit designs will reward patients for choosing higher-value ACOs, which will further necessitate that cost and quality data are available and that consumer cost sharing is higher for less efficient providers.

nFORM offers ACOs a robust health information technology infrastructure that brings together necessary data from multiple sources that providers need to effectively and efficiently manage care. Effective health management requires that all participants (caregivers) have timely access to relevant data sets, including inpatient claims, pharmacy, laboratory, ancillary, outpatient, demographic and membership data.

Online Collaborative Environment

Our analytic solution includes the ability for hospitals to collaborate with colleagues and physicians to lower costs by improving care coordination, efficiency, quality, and patient satisfaction. Resolutions of collaborations are saved for later reference or audits.

nFORM offers a web-based software-as-a-service delivery model which substantially reduces the up front capital investment in technology infrastructure needed to drive down cost and improve quality of care.

Improve patient care AND drive down costs.

A robust health information platform can be a powerful tool for modern hospitals to increase efficiency and find ways to control costs while improving patient care. Learn how nFORM can help increase your hospital's performance by attending our next webinar or one of our seminars at a location near you.